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The handbook for electric mobility of the future

ElectroMobility thought into the future in order to develop it properly from the present.

IDEAS FOR FUTURE starts with a handbook on the future development of electric mobility.

This is a perfect time to contribute concrete milestones from valid ideas for the future in the context of the IAA 2019, which begins at the same time. And to do so for the free use of all those involved, as a guide to step-by-step implementation.

The individual ideas are very valid, as they were obtained using a new type of ideation or idea development methodology. In this methodology, a team of idea developers uses special software that puts everyone in the optimal mental state for idea development. The resulting ideas were validated via conventional background research and are described in detail in the further development of this "handbook".

To start with, we will first give an overview - presenting our own "Roadmap to the Future of ElectroMobility" - which inevitably also goes hand in hand with an energy transition. And all this a bit outside the usual discussion with an alternative approach.

One more thing - "for the road": Our result combines new ideas and thoughts with existing solutions and developments - and merges them all into a clear development line of coordinated milestones.


MEILENSTEIN 1 | Insight through stocktaking

In the future, we will no longer be talking about electromobility alone, but about globally networked, individual mobility. This will be compatible with people and the environment - our planet as a whole. A solidarity community of manufacturers and users will decide on this jointly created system - for the benefit and well-being of all.

This may sound utopian from today's perspective, but it will be the logical consequence in the future. Because if not, we would inevitably deprive ourselves of our natural livelihoods.

It is rather utopian of the profiteers of the previous system - from oil companies, car manufacturers and states with their tax revenues - to believe that the broad mass of people would continue to passively follow them.

The "Fridays for Future" movement has opened Pandora's box - through the crucial generation: our children and youth. They are already followed by a broad alliance of parents, scientists, artists and far-sighted entrepreneurs, all committed to our future. Because the climate topic is - detached from the sense of the CO2 discussion - the first topic, which concerns world-wide without exception each individual humans. Even supposed "world wars" were only ever regional phenomena. The climate issue is a supra-regional and worldwide phenomenon.

Thus, mobility must inevitably become compatible! The development so far, based on fossil fuels and raw materials, has already brought us to a limit of the resilience for the health of humans and the environment: by extreme energy expenditure in the production, high pollution and lacking recycling ability.


ElectroMobility of the Future - MEILENSTEIN 2 | The Collective Change


If you need help with the implementation of your ideas, want to have new ideas developed - or even want to learn to do this yourself for yourself or in a team - just get in touch with me.


Presented by Thomas Tankiewicz

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